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Factory-fitted look can be installed in your car – the Hollandia 700.

Thanks to the way it is luxuriously integrated into the original headlining, it is virtually impossible to distinguish Webasto’s Hollandia 700 from a factory-fitted roof. When closed, the elegant integrated sliding/tilting sunroof forms a perfect unit with the car; when open, it disappears discreetly into the headlining. The Hollandia 700 stands for absolute freedom and elegance in design, which is ideally complemented on the inside by the sunshade that is perfectly matched to the original headlining.

And when equipped with the optional rain sensor, the roof can stay open for ventilation when your car is parked. If it starts to rain, the sensor reacts immediately and closes the roof automatically.

Technical comfort features:

  • Venus® safety glass protects against UV radiation and the heat of the sun
  • Integrated sunshade
  • Soft-touch control panel
  • 2 programmable positions
  • Wind deflector for perfect aerodynamics
  • Automatic closing when the ignition is switched off
  • Automatic anti-trap function

Just like a factory-fitted roof – the Hollandia 700 disappears completely in the headlining as it opens.

Design types/principle: Double spoiler

Hollandia 500
Hollandia 710 Hollandia 730 Hollandia 735 Hollandia 740 Hollandia 790
Size of glass element*
851 x 477 801 x 475 851 x 477 901 x 480 1001 x 485
Visible glass element*
680 x 280 630 x 340 680 x 340 730 x 340 830 x 340
Tilt height / Slide opening*
50/302 50/402 50/402 50/402 50/402
Soft touch
x x x x x
x x x x x
Rollo / Blende
x x x x x

* Figures in mm – width x length


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